It’s getting cold out there…

UK Fund Industry

It’s getting cold out there…

… the summer has been and gone and barely a word was written by us. It has to be a good thing that we’re too busy to write this blog, right?  With just two of us running Fundscape, we’re pretty much at full capacity so things like blogging, facebooking, tweeting etc come pretty low on the list of priorities.  We’re too busy making sure our clients have all the information they need!

The last update was March 2012, a good six months ago, and looking back over previous entries we seem to have settled into a pattern of updating roughly twice a year.  Which isn’t a bad thing, as it gives us lots to talk about.

In between our usual round of quarterly publications, we’ve been working on a couple of big projects.  The first is the Pridham database, in which, thanks to our summer intern, Emmanuelle, we have collated all the Pridham data going back to 2007 (ultimately, the plan is to go back ten years). The database makes our life much easier — gone are the collection of linked spreadsheets going back several years — but more importantly, as we’re now offering subscriptions to existing Pridham Report subscribers, it will take the pain out of research and analysis for fund groups.  The database is very competitively priced at £5000 + VAT per year.

Our next IT project is the Platform database, which should bring the same kind of benefits to the platform world as the Pridham database has to the fund manager world.

Apart from the Pridham database, we’ve been beavering away at the UK Fund Industry Guide – a one-stop-shop for all you to need to know about the UK Fund Industry, particularly in the post-RDR world. The book analyses competitors, funds, distribution dynamics and much more.  It’s been well received and copies are flying off the shelves like proverbial hot cakes.

Last, but certainly not least, is our work with the Investment Management Association (IMA) to help consumers understand the different ways they can access funds after the implementation of RDR. To this end, we’re launching a new page on our website for consumers telling them about the direct-to-consumer services available to them in the UK.  If you have a proposition and would like to have it included on the page, get in touch.  As soon as the page is up, we’ll let you know.