29 Nov 2016 60 second reviews of the third quarter

Overworked and stressed? Need to look clever in front of your colleagues but don't have the time to read the hundreds of reports on your desk? Relax and look well-informed with our timely and relevant 60-second reviews. Click on platforms or funds to download.

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31 May 2016 Fingers on the first quarter’s pulse… 60 second reviews are here.

It was a difficult start to the year.  We know your colleagues and clients will be asking for your opinion, so it pays to have some ready facts at the ready. Our 60-second reviews will give you the main industry trends you need without overloading you.

Previously supplied by Pridham & Pridham, the fund industry 60-second quarterly reviews are now underpinned by Fundscape's extensive fund data, gathered from platforms.  Click here for the fund industry review and here for the platform review.

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04 Apr 2016 Better late than never… Q415’s 60 second reviews

With lots of PLC-owned platforms in our statistics, we had to delay publication of the Platform Report until they'd all finished reporting their annual figures — it took until Mid March!

Anyway,  if you're time starved but need to keep your fingers on the pulse, look no further.  For the fund industry 60 second review, provided by Pridham, click here and for the Platform 60 second review click here.

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07 Mar 2014 Too much to do, and too little time?

If that sounds like you then our little 60-second reviews of the fund and platform industries are ideal. Not only do they give you a quick overview of the main industry trends, but they provide useful snippets of information that are easy to recall. Click on platforms or funds to download the relevant 60 second reviews.

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19 Nov 2013 60 second reviews for the third quarter of the year

In today's busy world, executives need to understand the quarter's key trends quickly.  Fundscape's 60 second reviews for the platform and fund industries provide senior management with the succinct information they need.  Download the platform review here and the fund industry review here.  If you have any queries, get in touch at info@ fundscape.co.uk.

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