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Direct Matters

Direct Matters is Fundscape's new quarterly report covering all aspects of the Direct market — D2C platforms, robos and online discretionary investment providers. The aim is to include investment and trading apps too.

The report launched in Q420, but we plan to grow this report into the flagship report for the Direct investment sector — in much the same way the Platform Report became the flagship report for the adviser platform sector. New providers are added every quarter.

This report also includes valuable insights and trend data from https://comparetheplatform.com/

If you would like to subscribe, get in touch. Normally, subscription is £3,800 per year but the launch subscription price is £2,500.

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Essential guide to UK fund distribution 2022

The UK fund industry is the largest domestic and most dynamic fund market in Europe, so it's no surprise that domestic and international fund houses compete for a slice of the action.

On the surface the distribution opportunities seem substantial, but the landscape is complex, multi-layered and advice-driven. Access routes often lead to dead ends and blind alleys. Gatekeepers and professional fund selectors influence a significant proportion of UK fund assets, while another chunk is controlled by vertically integrated groups… if you’re not doing business with either, then the volume of accessible fund assets shrinks fast.

Download the flyer here.

Download the executive summary and table of contents here.

Published in Q4 2021, The Essential Guide to UK Fund Distribution 2022 will help you navigate the UK landscape, provide you with comprehensive information on the size and scope of the market, the lowdown on wholesale and customer-facing channels, details on professional fund buyer preferences, leading distributors and more, helping you identify the best routes for your business.

With insight and analysis from Fundscape, the UK’s leading investment consultancy, backed up with data from Finscape and Fundscape, The Essential Guide to the Fund Distribution is an unrivalled and comprehensive review of the market.

What you get

Historical data to September 2021, market trends and detailed commentary giving both insight and the inside track on the UK distribution landscape:

  • Size and scope of the UK savings market
  • Market data and sizing of the fund distribution landscape
  • Changing distribution models and impact on demand
  • Deep dive into customer-facing channels using Finscape data
  • Leading distributors, fund groups and funds by channel
  • Emergence of new business models
  • Impact of regulation
  • Key distributor case studies
  • Full data pack and summary presentation deck

How to order

To order your copy click here or use the order button below.

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Model Behaviour

Funds in model portfolios account for c45% of the retailed advised platform market (£460 bn as at Sept 2020), so if your funds aren’t included in model portfolios, then you’re potentially missing out on a substantial stream of business.

Discretionary fund managers used to be the main providers of model portfolios, but now platforms, fund managers, research houses, and even advice firms are getting in on the action.

How do you get your funds on their radars? Does one size fit all or do you need to tailor your approach? How do you do business in this increasingly competitive world?  What do model providers want from fund managers?

Model Behaviour gives you the answers to these questions and many more, along with the lowdown on all things model portfolio in the UK investment industry. High on quant, full of qualitative colour and enriched with adviser, platform and fund manager insights, the report includes:

  • Distribution trends
  • Fund selector influence
  • The size of the model portfolio market
  • Types of model portfolios
  • Pros and cons of model portfolios
  • Model portfolio providers.
  • What advisers want from model portfolios
  • What model portfolio providers want from fund managers
  • Growth forecasts
  • And more!

Download the flyer here.

Download the table of contents here.

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The Platform Report

The Platform Report is a quarterly publication monitoring and analysing the fund platform distribution channel. It is a closed user group, meaning that platforms must provide actual sales and asset data in order to participate. They must also abide by a confidentiality agreement. Since platforms also provide granular data on their bestselling funds, subscription is extended to fund groups provided they sign a confidentiality agreement.

The Platform Report provides broad coverage of this important wholesale distribution channel in the UK. It provides essential reading on latest industry developments, allowing readers to monitor competition and fast-changing industry trends. In-depth analysis by product and type of platform (fund platform, wrap, DC, D2C etc) and over-arching distribution channel (retail advised, corporate/institutional and direct) are key features.

In addition to providing comprehensive platform data, Fundscape provides unique coverage of sectors, fund groups and funds by gross and net sales. Platforms provide their top 5,000 share-classes, enabling us to provide an aggregate view of the fund groups and funds winning business via platforms.

If you would like to subscribe, get in touch. All subscribers need to sign a confidentiality agreement. To find out more about subscriptions, get in touch.


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The Platinum Database

Fundscape’s paper-based Platform Report allows subscribers to monitor platform trends on a quarterly (and static) basis, providing unique insight into current developments.  But using it to monitor longer-term trends is difficult without re-keying numbers into spreadsheets… until now, that is.  Housing all data collated since 2006, Fundscape is pleased to present the Platinum database. This tool does away with the need to re-key data and provides subscribers with a unique and dynamic web interface to historical platform data and trends.

Platinum subscribers can view their full data history, previous data submissions as well as monitor key competitor, product and proposition trends. Using the intuitive report functionality, users can interrogate the database to generate reports on assets, gross and net sales for any time period by platform, by product or by type of platform.

Platinum operates under the same confidentiality terms as the Platform Report and tracks usage using web technology.

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The Distribution Report

Understanding distribution dynamics is critical to success in today's rapidly changing environment.  The Distribution report provides analysis, data and detailed commentary on trends in the fund distribution universe with in-depth coverage of customer-facing channels such as financial advisers, wealth managers, D2C platforms, employee benefits consultants etc.

Which products and sectors are being sold through which channels?  How do we compare to other competitors? Essential reading for both distributors and fund managers, this report answers these and other all-important distribution questions. It enables readers to track developments by channel, product wrapper, sector and more.

The report uses actual sales data contributed by wholesale distributors and fund managers provided by Finscape.  The annual fee is £3,800. For further details on Finscape, please visit the Finscape site.


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Competitor Assessment Reports (CARs)

In the highly competitive platform industry, monitoring, assessing and staying ahead of your competition is critical to success. But with resources tight as a drum, it's difficult to gather the data you need to monitor your rivals closely. What's more, gathering and collating data on your peers can leave little time for the things that really matter — your platform proposition and strategy.

Fundscape's new range of Competitor Analysis Reports (CARs) is designed to take the weight off your teams and provide fresh, timely and detailed analytical reports on your competitors, freeing your team to concentrate on what matters — developing a long-term substainable future for your platform.

Published in landscape format, the CARs are a unique, content rich mix of commentary, data and charts covering the following:

  • Summary overview
  • The 4 platform Ps (proposition, pricing, penetration and profitability)
  • Historical trends
  • Product and channel analysis
  • Competitor dashboard
  • Key financial indicators and analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Commentary, insight and much more...

Competitively priced (£2,500 for the first one with a 10% discount for each additional report), the CARs can be tailored to suit your needs:

  • Compare and contrast competitor data with your own
  • Select different competitors in the dashborads
  • Use your own CAR as an independent overview to be shared with the board, clients, fund groups and future prospects.

Download the flyer here

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The Gatekeepers study has been running for four years now, shining a light on the opaque and murky world of gatekeepers, fund selectors and investment influencers. Following the intense media focus on the Woodford Equity Income fund and the Hargreaves Lansdown’s Wealth 50 list and funds of funds, this year's report focuses on direct-to-consumer (D2C) lists as well as the opposite end of the distribution spectrum, Discretionary fund managers (DFMs).

Why are Gatekeepers important? They influence more than 70% of all platform flows, and in adverse markets, the proportion is considerably higher. Their reach is significant — regardless of how good or bad they are, funds that aren't on Gatekeepers’ radars are losing out on substantial flows. In 2018, retail platforms recorded net flows of £45bn so upwards of £32bn was under some kind of influence.  In the first half 0f 2019, net platform sales  plummeted to just £6bn and we suspect that all of that was gatekeeper influenced.

Designed to help fund selectors, fund groups and advisers, the Gatekeepers Report equips you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly changing landscape.

  • Size and scope of the market
  • Who's hot and who's not
  • Critical success factors
  • How to get on gatekeepers' radars
  • Leading gatekeepers
  • Leading fund groups
  • Leading funds and sectors
  • Directory of gatekeepers
  • And more!

Download the table of contents, exec summary and introduction here

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Deconstructing the Funds of Funds World

The trend for outsourcing investment has grown sharply in recent years, and with the advent of pension freedom, it's only going to get bigger. Model portfolios are all the rage, but in the background funds of funds continue to build a consistent book of business. They represent 14% of total industry assets and are punching above their weight with 18% of total industry net sales. So how do you make sure you're getting a slice of the action?

Published in Q1 2018, this Fundscape report analyses the UK ex-house funds of funds sector, reviewing everything from leading funds and groups through to which underlying funds and fund managers are winning the most business. How do you attract the attention of fund selectors? Which funds are they buying, and more importantly, what are they looking for? These are just some of the questions that we cover in this report.

Historical data to September 2017, market forecasts and detailed commentary, giving both insight and the inside track on the current competitive environment in the UK's funds of funds arena. As well as analysing the current scale and scope of the industry, the report also provides projections on the potential five-year growth of the industry with pessimistic, realistic and optimistic scenarios. This exhaustive report is competitively priced at £2,500.

To download the contents and executive summary click here.

To download an order form click here or use the order button below.

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We also undertake bespoke work and consultancy projects. We have experience of helping clients across a wide range of areas including strategy, product development, market analysis, entry strategies etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Click here for the contacts page.

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