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Fundscape’s product range helps you stay abreast of fund and industry developments.

01 The Platform Report Q218

02 The Platform Report Q118

03 The Platform Report Q417

04 The Platform Report Q317

05 The Platform Report Q217

06 The Platform Report Q117

07 The Platform Report Q416

08 The Platform Report Q316

09 The Platform Report Q216

10 The Platform Report Q116

11 The Platform Report Q415

12 The Platform Report Q315

13 The Platform Report Q215

14 The Platform Report Q115

15 The Platform Report Q414

16 The Distribution Report Q218

17 The Distribution Report Q118

18 The Distribution Report Q417

19 The Distribution Report Q317

20 The Distribution Report Q217

21 The Distribution Report Q117

22 The Distribution Report Q416

23 The Distribution Report Q316

24 The Distribution Report Q216

25 The Distribution Report Q116

26 The Distribution Report Q415

27 The Distribution Report Q315

28 The Distribution Report Q215

29 The Distribution Report Q115

30 The Distribution Report Q414

31 Gatekeepers Report 2017

32 Gatekeepers Report

The Gatekeepers Report, published in Q1 2016 and jointly written and compiled by Fundscape and gbi2. Wading through thousands of funds is a difficult and labour-intensive process and it makes sense to outsource part, or all, of that process to ratings agencies or a specialist research houses.  However, fund selection requires more detailed research than just looking at past performance. With so many researchers, fund buy-lists and fund recommendations available, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be an onerous task.  But just how good are these fund selectors?

33 The Definitive Guide to the UK Fund Industry 2015

Published in Q1 2015 and jointly written and compiled by Fundscape and the Pridham Report, the Definitive Guide to the UK Fund Industry is the most authoritative study available on one of Europe's largest fund markets, revealing the factors that can create new business opportunities for companies – or potentially act as barriers – whether they are active as a domestic or as a cross-border player. Data, market forecasts and detailed commentary, will give both insight and the inside track on the current competitive environment in the UK's fund arena.

34 Deconstructing the UK Funds of Funds World 2015

Published in Q3 2015. This report analyses and reviews the UK ex-house funds of funds sector, reviewing everything from leading funds and fund groups through to which underlying funds and fund managers are winning the most business. How do you attract the attention of fund selectors? Which funds are they buying, and more importantly, what are they looking for? These are just some of the questions that we cover in this report.

35 Navigating The Post-RDR Landscape In The UK

Free to download. A report assessing the potential impact of an RDR regime on the European fund industry.

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