Snippets from the Q215 Platform Report

Platform Report

Snippets from the Q215 Platform Report

Here are a few snippets from the Q215 data to keep you going until the report comes out in August.

Following demand from other platforms, this quarter we have added Aegon to the platform universe. Aegon does not provide data to Fundscape but releases quarterly results with sufficient information (assets under administration and gross/net flows) to be included on a quarterly basis. We estimate breakdowns, and because its quarterly results come out after our publishing date, we estimate the current quarter and provide actuals for the previous quarter (as we do with Hargreaves Lansdown).

  • Total AUA in Q215 is £381.4bn.
  • Despite the addition of Aegon, assets expanded by just £4.5bn, or in percentage terms, 1.2%. The FTSE 100 contracted by 3.7% in the same period.
  • Gross sales totalled £24.6bn, up from £22.8bn the previous quarter and £21.2bn in Q214.
  • Net sales amounted to £11.1bn, up from £10.5bn in Q115 and £10.9bn in Q214.
  • ISA sales were particularly strong with gross sales of £5.7bn and net sales of £3.2bn and setting new highs for the product.
  • Combined pension sales were also strong with gross sales of £10.2bn and net sales of £6.3bn.
  • Wrap AUA are nearly on a par with fund platform AUA (£108bn v £114bn) and should equalise by next quarter. Gross sales for wraps amounted to £6.6bn while net sales were £4.5bn.

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