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Model Behaviour

Funds in model portfolios account for c45% of the retailed advised platform market (£460 bn as at Sept 2020), so if your funds aren’t included in model portfolios, then you’re potentially missing out on a substantial stream of business.

Discretionary fund managers used to be the main providers of model portfolios, but now platforms, fund managers, research houses, and even advice firms are getting in on the action.

How do you get your funds on their radars? Does one size fit all or do you need to tailor your approach? How do you do business in this increasingly competitive world?  What do model providers want from fund managers?

Model Behaviour gives you the answers to these questions and many more, along with the lowdown on all things model portfolio in the UK investment industry. High on quant, full of qualitative colour and enriched with adviser, platform and fund manager insights, the report includes:

  • Distribution trends
  • Fund selector influence
  • The size of the model portfolio market
  • Types of model portfolios
  • Pros and cons of model portfolios
  • Model portfolio providers.
  • What advisers want from model portfolios
  • What model portfolio providers want from fund managers
  • Growth forecasts
  • And more!

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