The third quarter of 2012 served up mixed fortunes for the fund industry.  Poor investor sentiment in the early summer contributed to lower sales and led to a dismal August with the lowest net retail sales since October 2008. Flows improved in September on the back of rising stock markets but fund managers report an increasingly distracted adviser community as the RDR deadline approaches.  To read the rest of this press release, click here.

We've decided to publish some 60-second reviews of the fund management and platform industries.  These provide some easily absorbed key facts and figures (always useful when you have a board presentation to prepare...) and best of all for our time-starved, information-overloaded lives, they're only a page long!  We'll be doing them on a quarterly basis. Click here for the third-quarter fund management review and here for the third-quarter platform review.  Don't despair, we'll be putting up the fourth quarter ones very soon!