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21 Feb 2019 Exit charge calculator for platforms

Advisers and investors are often fed up with the platforms they use and would like to switch to a new provider, but a major deterrent is the exit fees that some platforms charge. Along with the time it takes to make a switch, this can stop investors from ever making the change. It’s a point of concern for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which raised exit fees in its Investment Platform Market Study. For the first time, comparetheplatform.com enables investors to get real-time insight into the cost of switching platforms. It has launched an exit charge calculator to help advisers and investors understand...

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02 Oct 2018 The Essential Guide to the UK Fund Distribution Landscape

The UK fund industry is the largest domestic and most dynamic fund market in Europe with assets of £1.2trn (June 2018). Fund groups from all over the world arrive in the UK to sell their funds, but find it difficult to gain a foothold. On the surface the distribution opportunities seem substantial, but the landscape is complex, multi-layered and advice-driven and fund groups will need multi-channel strategy to succeed.
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