Upping our game


Upping our game

Are you, like me, wondering where the year has disappeared to? We’re now officially in the fourth quarter, and we’ve just sent our third quarter data requests to platforms. One platform was way ahead of us, sending its data through on 1st October before we’d even asked for it (well done TDDirect)!

This will probably be the last time we collect the data manually as we’ll be migrating data providers onto a database from next quarter. That means that instead of sending us an excel template, platforms will be able to log in to our system and upload the data directly. It will save us a huge amount of time, so naturally we’re really excited.

We have a rapidly growing number of fund managers subscribing to the platform report, so we’ve also upped our game in terms of fund data collection. For too long, we’ve been asking platforms to give us their top 25 funds. Some were providing data at the share-class level and some at the fund level. It was pretty inconsistent, and because of the manual process, open to error.  However, from this quarter, we’re collecting a longer list of funds and it is now managed by Isin code, which will allow us to roll it up to the fund and company level and aggregate for the entire industry — all good stuff that will be helpful to fund managers and platforms alike.

On the entertainment front, it’s been quiet this week apart from a boozy Wednesday evening in the company of Bill Vasilieff and the delightful Novia team at a rugby benefit in London (Novia sponsors the Bath rugby team).  Lots of cash was raised for worthy causes … and there were beefy rugby players everywhere… happy days!