It’s been a long time…

Platform Report

It’s been a long time…

We’re in an extended lock-down phase until various PLCs have reported their annual results to the stock exchange. The Platform Report should be published in full on or around 18th March 2016.  In the meantime, although we can’t give you any detail, we can provide you with some high-level platform numbers to keep you going:

  • Total assets under administration rose to £405.4bn in the fourth quarter, an increase of 7.4% of assets on the third quarter. Although there was a downturn in December, the UK stock market was up by 3% overall in the fourth quarter.
  • Overall asset growth for the year was £59.1bn, in other words a rise of 17% on assets of £346.3bn at end 2014.
  • This was a remarkable achievement given that stock-market growth for the period was negative with the FTSE 100 registering -4.9% and the FTSE All Share -2.5%.
  • Gross sales for the quarter were £21bn, down considerably on both the third quarter and the same quarter in 2014.
  • Total gross sales for the year were £92.8bn, up £10bn on the previous year.
  • Net sales for the quarter were also flat at £10.4bn, the lowest quarterly volume of the year and lower than the fourth quarter of 2014.
  • Total net sales for 2015 amounted to £45.2bn — only marginally higher than the volume recorded in 2014 (£42.1bn).
  • This quarter we would like to welcome on board Aegon, which has provided a full set of numbers for the fourth quarter.

March is just around the corner and spring not too far away… thank goodness.  But stock-market shenanigans have seen investors take fright.  Advised business is more stable than direct and we expect it to be slower overall, while direct business is likely to spiral out of control … watch this space.


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