Happy new year!

New Year

Happy new year!

As the New Year dawns, there are three obsessions in the UK: resolutions, January sales, and an increasingly popular trend is Dry January — a chance to give our livers a break after the Christmas season. So here’s our take on all three.

New Year Resolutions

One of the things that we often berate ourselves about is that we don’t communicate regularly enough, so one of Fundscape’s resolutions is to stay in touch and  blog at least once or twice a month. And we may even stretch to weekly blogs if we have anything interesting or exciting to tell you about.

We’ve got several things coming up this month. Our website is currently being re-platformed (that word is so on trend), and we hope to push out the sexy new website later this month so watch out for that. We’re also launching an exciting new report on professional fund selectors. Faced with thousands of funds to select from, it is no surprise that distributors and investors are increasingly turning to professional fund selectors for guided lists. But are these lists any good? Do they stand the test of time? We decided to do the maths. Our results will be published at end January in Fundscape’s new Gatekeepers Report, jointly written with Graham Bentley (http://www.gbi2.co.uk/). If you’d like to kept informed about this product, let us know at orders@fundscape.co.uk.

Bargain hunting

I love hunting for a real bargain in the January sales and getting a discount or a promotion from a business supplier is just as exciting. For that reason, we’re doing our bit and temporarily slashing the prices on our flagship products for the month of January only.

  • Quarterly Platform Report was £3,000 now £2,250* (info)
  • Quarterly Distribution Report was £3,000 now £2,250* (info)
  • Deconstructing Funds of funds 2015 was £2,500 now £1,875 (info)
  • Or snap up a proper bargain and buy all three for just £6,000!!!

To benefit from these exceptional prices, please email us on orders@fundscape.co.uk before midnight on 31st January 2016, and we will send you further subscription information (some terms and conditions apply).  Don’t delay, send that email to day!

Dry January

A dry January with no wine or cheeky G&Ts? What’s all that about? Life is too short to give up food, alcohol and force ourselves to follow ridiculous exercise routines.  So alcohol stays. We’ll be in touch soon, in the meantime we’re off the gym…

All the best,


*The quarterly reports require users to abide by a confidentiality agreement. For more information, please get in touch.