Fundscape’s fantasy fund league

Fundscape's Fantasy Fund League

Fundscape’s fantasy fund league

You know we love an experiment at Fundscape, don’t you? Well, here at Fundscape Park we decided to have a bit of educational fun and understand our own investing behaviours with a friendly football-based investment competition, Fundscape’s Fantasy Fund League. The rules are simple and don’t involve a ball or use of the foot. Each player gets to pick up to five investments — any listed investment such as direct equities, funds, of course, exchange-traded funds, and investment trusts.

Rules of the game

The experiment starts on 15th January. Players must give their team (portfolio) a clean name — after all it’s a family-friendly game these days. Each player gets £2,500 which can be allocated any way they want to their five investments. Each player is allowed to re-balance their portfolio or change one element of investment content at the end of each quarter (substitutions and re-balances will take place on the 1st day of each quarter (1st April, 1st July etc).

The players will get a league ranking, and at the end of the season the champion will get a prize and a place in Europe next season. Thankfully, the bottom-ranked player won’t be relegated or appear on I’m a celebrity get me out of here or similar. The referee will be our very own Doctor Tim Burrows who will be keeping score and making sure we all play nicely.

The managers

We have a wide range of age, experience and backgrounds at Fundscape from age 19 to mumble-mumble something — managers with enough time in the game to know what a big-league DB pension is. The teams have no problems with the costs, cost of investing that is; they can spend as much as they like on active or passive formations, but will they spend money intelligently? What about the specific game-plans? The temptation will be to pick star players, but will all five play well together in a blended line-up?

Here at Fundscape, we expect conditions to become harder as the season progresses so fitness and endurance will come into play. It will be interesting to see how our players change their line- ups.

Each week we’ll be interviewing managers on their team selections over the next few weeks. Here are this season’s teams:

  1. Choo Choo Revenue – legends of the modern game
  2. The Optimists – with their irresistible defence; made some brilliant saves last season
  3. The Alphajax – titans of the north/south/east/west
  4. Ocean 5 – an unprecedented line up of skilled players
  5. Carrie’s Diamonds – a strong squad with plenty in reserve
  6. The Hot Stocks – they have enduring speed and acceleration up front
  7. Pentatrust Portfolio – plays a wonderful defensive formation, difficult to get anything past them this season
  8. The Famous Five – a team that has it all and in spades
  9. Fortune V – a precocious line up of talented stars
  10. GBi2 – good all-around performers with rigid discipline
  11. Holly’s Hotties – they’re strong in midfield with great combative players
  12. W.Underdog – passing masters who love to keep possession
  13. In 1st Place – subtle and effective game that catches opponents unawares.
  14. Bella’s Blockbusters –  a team that loves to play the ‘beautiful game’.

There is everything to play for and we will be bringing you all the live action and mid-season updates of how our teams have fared!

If you’d like to take part it’s not too late. Submit your investment choices and team name by 9am, Monday 4th March, to

Watch this space!