Fantasy Fund League – The Alphajax

Guy Molcho's line-up

Fantasy Fund League – The Alphajax

This week we meet Guy Molcho, the only Octo member who dared to go public with his portfolio (plenty of Octo members are playing in private). Guy works at Global Fund Capital Introduction, a Spanish company specialising in third-party fund distribution in Europe, so he should really know his stuff!

As usual, Guy has been pithy and to the point with his fund selections.

ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF, £500

Cyber Security remains a very hot topic, which I believe should continue to grow in the next few years. Innovation, M&As, and investor attention will push US-related equities up.

AllianceBernstein FCP I-Mortgage income

AB Mortgage fund has been around since 1999 and has a very strong management team. These guys have seen it all. With maximum drawback expected 3.0%, this is my portfolio “insurance” allocation. The USD is also my currency pony for year.

BSF (BlackRock) Emerging Markets Equity Strategies USD, £500

Sam Hecht (Editor: Guy’s pointed explanation is a reference to the British industrial designer and his views on how Asia and Emerging Markets will benefit from industrial design and innovation).

Janus Henderson China Opportunities A, £500

Despite Chinese weakness lately with trade tug war going on, I tend to believe that China still has some tricks up its sleeve. Henderson knows it very well.

Bellevue F (Lux) BB Adamant Digital Health I EUR, £500

Digitising Healthcare fund, which was unnecessarily whipped in Q418. I think this strategy, sector and fund should rebound. Also, this is my Euro denomination bet.


At the end of the first quarter, Guy was in pole position with returns that outperformed the FTSE 100 by nearly 6%.. We’re providing quarterly updates but the aim of this experiment is not to make short-term wins, but to learn about investments that can weather the storms over the long term. This is an internal teaching aid that we thought the industry might be interested to monitor too.