Fantasy Fund League – Choo Choo Revenue

Jacques's fantasy fund league line-up for Fundscape

Fantasy Fund League – Choo Choo Revenue

We launched our Fundscape Fantasy Fund League mid-January and this week we kick off our weekly series of meet the manager blog posts. This week it’s the Choo Choo Revenue team managed by Jacques Ferreira, a data analyst at Fundscape. Read on to find out why he picked his funds…

As a Biomedical Sciences graduate, I was tempted to pick only research and medicine-associated funds such as biotech, which have been performing well over the past few years. However, the performance of different treatments in clinical trials has been too variable so science-based funds don’t dominate my selection.

That could change in the long run if the performance of drugs in future clinical trials for diseases with few treatment options (Alzheimer’s and cancers) prompts investment into drug companies, many of which are headquartered abroad (such as manufacturers of Fasudil/derivatives).

Jacques Ferreira, data analyst
Jacques Ferreira, manager of Choo Choo Revenue

My funds

I went for a 5-way split of my £2,500 into the following funds:

I had to have the Lindsell Train Global Equity! It’s got a catchy name (gave me the team name) and good five-year performance, so I felt this was one not to miss. 

With my biomedical background in mind, I decided to pick the L&G Global Health and Pharmaceutical Index trust as part of my line-up. It has holdings in some interesting research technology-based companies alongside some ‘household’ names in the pharmaceuticals industry.

I chose JPM Emerging Markets as it’s totally different to the above. This equity fund is focused on financial services and technology, primarily from Asia and Latin America. The ‘technological revolution’ occurring now in Asia makes it a particularly interesting fund.

The T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth Equity is a US-centric choice, with holdings in well-known companies such as Amazon. I consider it a Dark Horse, being fairly unknown to UK investors, but with the potential for higher returns.

At this point it will be obvious that I like equities and maybe I should have softened my attacking team with some defensive, bond-based options! But that’s OK because I’m young (22), optimistic, a bit of a risk-taker and this is supposed to be a practical experiment that I can learn from. As a result, my last pick, Artemis’s Global Growth fund is primarily equity-based, but it has a diverse selection of holdings in different regions and sectors, making it (in my opinion) a safer, more diversified pick. Let’s wait and see.

Wish me luck!

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