“Anyone in the mood for a little Alfi(e), straight up?” *


“Anyone in the mood for a little Alfi(e), straight up?” *

You’re probably wondering where we’ve been these past few months, and have been bemoaning the lack of insightful posts and general industry chitchat. The summer is always a busy time for us, but as well as our usual publications and quarterly workload, we’ve had our noses to the grindstone producing a large study on behalf of Alfi, the Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry.

This is the first time week that we’ve actually been able to come up for air. The report is done and dusted, it has been sent off to the printers and I’m finalising the presentation for the Alfi conference next week when the report will be launched. Details of the conference on 23rd and 24th September can be found at www.alfi.lu.  However, you don’t have to attend to get hold of the report. On the day of the launch, it will be uploaded to the website and will be freely available to download (we’ll post a link on here to make it easier for you to find).

What’s the report about? There is no doubt that everyone in Europe is worried about RDR, or more accurately MiFID2 which borrows some elements of RDR (no inducements for independent advisers and distributors). The report reviews RDR, its impact on the different industry stakeholders and how it has re-shaped the industry. In addition, it examines the problems and unintended consequences of RDR and highlights the lessons to be learned by European fund managers, distributors and last but certainly not least the regulators. It is 138 pages of in-depth assessment and analysis, and best of all, it’s free.

Next Tuesday 23rd at 4pm you will be able to download the presentation, the report and even a podcast that Alfi is preparing! That should make up for the lack of content over the summer.

Talking of conferences, the inaugural FE Investment Summit is coming up soon on 30th September.  This is a tripartite venture between the Lang Cat, CWC Research and FE and it looks as though it will fill an important knowledge gap in the adviser market.  And I don’t mean just for advisers — fund groups, platforms, and dare I say it, research houses like us will also benefit enormously. It’s all in the brochure.

The Aberdeen platform awards will be taking place on the evening of the summit and I have been very kindly invited to attend by Novia.  It should be a particularly fun evening as I haven’t been out and about in the industry for months (see first para)… although I did have a quick drink with Shaun Sandiford two days ago, erstwhile Axa man, who is now head of platforms for Octopus investments.  Now there’s a man who knows his platform onions.

Have a great weekend everyone.


*Quote from the film, Alfie.